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Decent Article About Dating Muscular Women

Here is a short article which attempts to debunk some of the myths about dating muscular women: It discusses whether a muscular woman will force you to eat her kind of food, whether or not she is going to have a relationship only with a fellow bodybuilder, and more.  In all, it at least […]


What Most Men Fantasize

Here is a link to a short clip from a movie where a beautiful blonde female bodybuilder is posing in the bedroom as a relatively average guy is admiring her, almost in shock: Obviously, this is something which most guys fantasize in private.  The respect men have for anyone who trains hard and is […]


Know What You Are Getting Into

Most men, at their core, appreciate and crave women who have the muscularity to look as if they could appear in comic books.  Obviously, these are real women however; and there are significant risks to relationships, not to mention the physical health, of women who decide to go with “enhancement”.  Here is an old article […]

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