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During a recent conversation with a friend who is a figure competitor and fitness model, she brought up the topic of a recent relationship that ended suddenly.  She had dated him for a while, and he was not much of an athlete, but she liked him for certain inner characteristics rather than money or muscle (or his lack of both).  Unfortunately it ended rather weirdly.

Evidently he had significant issues with trusting women, most of whom had cheated on him in the past including his two ex-wives.  Supposedly his mom cheated on his dad when he was a teenager.  This pattern repeated itself as he either originally was poor in the selection process of his ex-wives, or he started doing the things to make a woman fall out of love (and respect) with her husband.  One way to increase the odds of that never happening is to study the real inner dynamics of pleasing a woman here.

She went on to say that she was both faithful and supportive of his efforts, but his underlying mistrust of women led him to look for signs that she would cheat on her… even if no indications were there in reality.  His subconscious mind was made up that she would cheat at some point so, in order to justify that core belief, he made up situations that she was sneaking behind his back.

Take a minute and imagine if YOU were a good-looking, athletic, in-demand muscular woman with a college degree AND willing to be faithful and supportive.  Would you want a guy like that as your partner?!?

Didn’t think so.

Still, many men who love women with muscle look for the wrong things.  Many of these men:

  • want to be lifted, carried, choked out, defeated at arm wrestling, etc.  — Yeah, that’s what every woman dreams about when she was a little girl.  Sure…..
  • see her as a fetish to be accomplished as if on a “mental checklist” — So where is the follow-through and making her feel so amazing that she wants to come back for more?
  • are deep down intimidated by her passion and drive — that just creates a disconnect between any male-female dynamic, not just with muscular women

There are even more scenarios that beautiful, muscular women have to face with guys not including their own deep-seated insecurities because family members may have disdain for the amount of muscle they have earned.  In order to stand out, you need to be the type of guy who can handle all of that with a cool demeanor, humor, reassurance (for both of you), and the ability to craft fun adventures and passion while still supporting her athletic pursuits.  This is not an easy task, but the good news is that those skills can be learned; and overcoming your OWN insecurities and hang-ups can happen.

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