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One of the biggest reasons why many muscular, beautiful women (bodybuilding, physique, CrossFit, figure, or other athletes) often feel alone at a deep level is that they haven’t properly been encouraged to become more.  Just like all other kinds of women, many have behavior and belief patterns which aren’t always the healthiest.  Often, these patterns are rooted in actions or statements which took place during or before their teenage years.

These can range anywhere from:

  • needing to becoming bigger to protect herself in the future from physical harm or other physical abuse
  • same as above except for emotional
  • being told that she was not going to become an intelligent woman in a certain academic subject; or she even may have been told by a teacher that she wouldn’t amount to anything
  • neglect from an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend
  • financial scarcity patterns
  • rifts between family members which have impacted their lives
  • many other issues

The thing is, most guys have similar behavior and belief patterns which don’t allow them to reach their true potential.

So how does all of this help you date muscular women?

The first thing is to get out of your own head.  Instead of just thinking about what you stand to gain by dating any beautiful woman (muscular or not), begin to change your mind to an “us” or “we” belief pattern.  Many guys overcompensate and focus just on her needs, but doing so to his own detriment often leaves a guy in a bad place where his interests get cast aside.

During the part of helping her, learn to differentiate yourself by actually caring about her well being.  You are there to help her become more of a woman for being in your world.  She needs to know that, unlike most guys, that you actually are there to bolster her life.

How can you do this?

This ranges depending on the circumstances.  The best thing is to find out what has been missing or what she has craved for a long time emotionally.  Obviously this is a deeper-level conversation than what most people have; but stay strong and show her that you want to help her grow and be appreciated at the same time.

Some examples could be:

  • doing something fun and playful like going to a carnival or local fair because she hasn’t had the chance to do anything in the community in a long time
  • helping her go back to studying for something which she is truly passionate about
  • giving her a hug after a tough day of work or particularly annoying clients, especially if she was neglected emotionally by an ex — hey, you likely would like a hug after some of your days at the office as well!
  • giving her reassurance that it is okay to be courageous when she faces certain circumstances at home or work that she otherwise would shy away from; and by being at her side you help her grow because she knows that her man actually will be there to support her properly


Again, this is a tough road at first.  Just know that most of the ladies you find desirable often have these patterns, and many were “installed” without their knowing it by others around them.  Remove her concern about being “judged”, show strength of character, and remind her that you are there to help her grow and develop as a woman.  Balance this with humor, playfulness, tenderness and a sense of adventure.  If you can then you have gone a long way to make yourself unique to the type of women you like, and you just may end up having such a woman bolster you and to help you grow as a man.

Those deep-level conversations, actions and transformations are a good way toward helping you enjoy each other’s company for something beyond the physical, and hopefully that will lead a wonderful long-term connection between both of you.

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