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Dating Website With Female Bodybuilders, Figure Competitors, Fitness Models And Bikini Competitors

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Since 2004 there has been one dating website that consistently everyday attracts new athletic and muscular women from around the world, ranging from their 20’s to their 50’s. This site has women who are either current or retired:

  • female bodybuilders
  • powerlifters
  • figure competitors
  • fitness competitors
  • fitness models
  • bikini competitors
  • pro athletes

You can sign up for free, but the process is a bit confusing at first so many guys miss out on the chance to set up a free profile.  Here are the steps:

  • Follow the instructions on the next screen
  • Confirm your e-mail, etc.

Once you log into the site you then will have to set up your free profile.  You don’t have to fill in much at first to start browsing around.

After you fill in as much of your profile as you wish, the question then is how do you meet muscular women.

You can start by looking at the top profiles.  The site breaks it down by age ranges (18-34, 35-44, 45 and up) as well as by athletic interest.  You can sort by those women who have indicated that they are into any of the following:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Weight training
  • Weightlifting
  • Cross training
  • other sports like volleyball, track, running, soccer, etc.


You then can do a customized search (called an “Advanced Search”) where you can sort even by body type around a particular geographic area (up to 500 miles).  Type in your zip code and then you can indicate your preferences for these types of filters:

  • age range
  • body type (check the boxes for “athletic” and “pumped up”)
  • smoker/non-smoker
  • drinking preferences
  • etc.

You even can send an “interest” message for no cost; and if anyone wishes to do so they can reach out to you via the live instant message chat for free.  Only when you wish to send actual e-mails or initiate a conversation with the chat feature will you then have to pay with a credit card.

You will get a chance to meet real muscular women on the site, so be sure to upload some good photos and write a terrific profile — especially one which separates you from other men.  If you need help on that then click this link:

Help writing a terrific online dating profile

Test out the site and really hone your profile to where beautiful women are approaching you to find out more about you.

Enjoy your time on the site.


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