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A Particular Challenge With Dating Female Bodybuilders And Figure Competitors

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There is a unique challenge if you are a guy who wants to date women with muscular physiques such as female bodybuilders and figure competitors.  Since they are so rare, many are asked to be parts of photo shoots.  Sometimes, some of the women get wrapped up in the “lifestyle” of bodybuilding and gym life… and they decide to pose for some sort of nude or topless photos.  Of course, some do more than that as well.

This is a challenge for many men, as most are not used to going out with a woman whose bare skin has been seen by hundreds or thousands of men (and some women) in a lustful manner.  This can unnerve most guys as they are not conditioned growing up to deal with this situation.

A great way to overcome this, so that you can date a muscular woman who has “taken the plunge” and already performed in front of the camera to some degree, is to study and get better information.  A great way is to learn how guys get successful with strippers.  The reason is that strippers have taken it further where the fans of their being topless are actually in front of the guys, and not just the camera.  Learn what guys who date strippers are able to deal with and you should be able to scale it back a bit for a female bodybuilder or figure competitor who only has done topless photos for a female muscle fan website.

Remember that the women you crave are still women and have needs to feel alive, beautiful, sexy, adventurous and virtually any other emotion OTHER than being bored or taken for granted.

Here is a resource which deals with dating strippers.  It is part of the video you will receive in your inbox as it gives some helpful ideas on this topic:

Another helpful resource is here:

Again, with the knowledge you pick up you should be able to handle dealing with your ultimate goal:  dating a beautiful female bodybuilder or fitness model who is comfortable enough with her physique to show it off in a more public forum than the average woman.

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Updated: December 10, 2012 — 1:32 pm
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