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Figure Competitor Pulling Pranks On People At Shopping Center

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If you enjoy women with muscle and a sense of humor then take a few moments to watch the video (scroll to around the six minute mark):

Obviously there are a few lessons here.  Namely, DON’T be like the guy who is her partner in this prank!  Should you love women who sport lots of muscle, yet have a physique similar to his, then do something smart and attempt to get leaner.  In most cases, doing so is good for your health — and it shows women who have muscle that you are dedicated to getting in shape as well.

Next, you need to find athletic women who have humor.  This is not always the case, so start your search here.  Register for free profiles on each site and start looking at the athletic women who post dating profiles.  Discover which ones are articulate, can spell, and can convey a sense of humor in her writing.  Doing so helps you narrow the field of single female bodybuilders and other muscular women looking for relations, and intelligence mixed with humor is usually a good sign that a woman may be ready for healthy relationship.

If you are still having trouble overcoming bad programming in your past regarding dating women and creating healthy relationships then no problem.  Start here to get some great resources and free tips on ways to get your mind right.

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