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International Example Of Cultural Differences And Family

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Here is an interesting story about a woman in India who is one of the pioneers for female muscle in her country:


There are some interesting takeaways, especially considering that the country’s population is over 1.25 billion people.  Remember that she likely is facing extreme scrutiny from any media in that area, since there are so many women – yet so few who compete.  Also take note of how she is with family and the importance of family placed on women in that culture.

Will this ultimately help you if you live in Europe, North America or other regions with a predominantly Western culture?  It can as you always can learn from how any woman you desire has her own background, influenced by family and cultural ties.  By expanding your understanding of women who stand out (by their athleticism, popularity, fashion sense or other features) you likely can increase the chances of being the type of guy who is attractive to women who are unique from their contemporaries.

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