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Adjustments In Your Life

If you plan to have any sort of meaningful long-term relationship with a woman who currently or plans to compete on stage soon, then there are a few lifestyle changes you may want to make if you haven’t done so already.  Here are just a few: Eat cleaner.  This doesn’t mean that you have to […]


Help Her Become More

One of the biggest reasons why many muscular, beautiful women (bodybuilding, physique, CrossFit, figure, or other athletes) often feel alone at a deep level is that they haven’t properly been encouraged to become more.  Just like all other kinds of women, many have behavior and belief patterns which aren’t always the healthiest.  Often, these patterns […]


17 Points About Dating A Fitness Girl had a funny article back in November.  It covered 17 points about dating a fitness chick.  Here is the link:   Even though this is obviously just some bullet points, some of them are terrific and funny.  Remember that any woman you date, assuming she is healthy and of sound mind, wants to […]



A common theme throughout this site is that the muscular women that so many men admire are usually: just like the regular range of women you meet in terms of their emotions, passions, humor, intelligence, professionalism, etc. are dedicated athletes Regarding the latter, one drawback to dating women who are athletic – versus those who […]


Her Kids

It is quite possible that you may one day meet a beautiful, athletic woman and truly get to enjoy her for what lies beneath her muscles.  In today’s world, however, with divorce rates being so high – plus out of wedlock kids – you may go into a situation in which you have to deal […]


Know The Contest Rules

If you end up dating a woman who competes in bikini, fitness, figure, physique or bodybuilding then you hopefully will be supportive of her efforts, and she should support your aspirations as well.  That is the balance and harmony that you seek to have a better relationship dynamic beyond just the superficial appearance of her […]

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