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Resources For Bodybuilding And Muscle Dating


* Discover how to add muscle mass in order to boost your confidence and attraction to athletic women by clicking here

* Discover how to get leaner, including six-pack abs by starting here

Resources For Muscle Dating

If you want to meet and date single female bodybuilders, hot muscular women, or other athletic women then chances are that you are going to need some resources to help you. You may need

  • a list of online dating sites catering to athletic and muscular people
  • some ways to write an attention-getting profile
  • help getting more muscular
  • help getting leaner
  • help overcoming limiting beliefs you may feel if you think that you are too short
  • help on how to become better in conversation, especially approaching beautiful women
  • some fashion sense (even on a budget!)
  • some general guidance on how to become better at dating and being playful with beautiful women
  • the real information on how to keep any beautiful woman, including a female bodybuilder, fulfilled so that she truly appreciates you AFTER you start dating
  • information on how to overcome limiting beliefs if you are divorced and/or have kids

Each section below will give resources (free and paid) for each of the items just listed.  They were chosen because they offer solid information or appear to be helpful to guys who need some guidance in those areas.  As with all outside websites, this website assumes no responsibility or liability for any actions which occur once you click a link to visit any other website.  Thank you for your understanding.

Athletic And Muscle Dating Sites

This site will give you several resources to set up free profiles and determine which website offers you the best chances of meeting athletic and muscular women:

Writing A Great Online Dating Profile For Fitness Dating Sites

Here is a resource for writing a terrific online dating profile targeted for meeting muscular women on both fitness dating sites and mainstream dating websites:

General Dating Advice

There is an amazing amount of dating advice out there for guys.  Some of it is terrific, some is worthless, and others actually hurt you because the focus is on a “numbers game” — focusing on how many women you can meet and date versus attracting quality women.With that said, some of the guys whose sole focus is on a “numbers game” actually have some good techniques to help you overcome your limiting emotions.  You will have to sift through some of this advice to find the “hidden gems” in it because by finding these “nuggets” of information, and implementing them, you can make the life of a beautiful and muscular woman so much better… even though the guru’s information is targeted toward a “numbers game” mentality.

Getting Bigger And More Muscular

  • Resource with dozens of articles on becoming bigger and more muscular (you have to click around to find the articles of interest): Logo

  • If you prefer a “step-by-step system” to gaining muscle and getting stronger then you should start with a system which has worked for hundreds of people around the world:  Muscle Building And Getting More Muscular

Getting Leaner

  • Resource with dozens of articles on getting leaner (you have to click around to find the articles of interest): Logo

  • If you prefer a “step-by-step system” to getting learner and seeing your abs again then you should start with the system that has worked for thousands of people around the world:  Getting Leaner
  • Free report:  Secrets For A Lean Body


If You Think That You Are Too Short

Becoming Better In Conversation

A great way to become a better conversationalist is to go all the way to the “extreme” and become a better public speaker.  If you can speak in front of dozens, if not hundreds of people, at a time then you lower the odds of becoming “tongue tied” around ONE beautiful woman!

  • Start by going to a Toastmasters meeting in your area:
  • If the beautiful woman you meet is either from another country, or has family who barely speaks English, then you may wish to “go the extra mile” and learn the other language in order to make conversation with her family (or friends) much easier.  Here are some suggestions:  Spanish, German, French, Italian.  Also knowing another language will help you in any social situation, and you even can incorporate your new knowledge in a playful way in your e-mails or inside secrets with any beautiful woman you wish!
  • Here is another resource to become much better at conversations with any women, let alone muscular women:

To get a number of places to start going online to meet female bodybuilders, figure competitors, physique competitors and bikini models then start your search here.

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