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Don’t Be Like The 300+ Pound Guy

There is a common sentiment among female bodybuilders, figure competitors, fitness models and other athletic women.  It is that once a guy is deemed, by his actions, to be a “dork” then he never will be bring out the elements of attraction. Some guys never get this, and they give up their masculinity easily.  This […]


Muscular Women On POF

If you are considering going online to meet – and possibly date, single female bodybuilders, physique competitors, fitness models, bikini competitors and other athletic & muscular women then you may be considering a “free” site (none of these is ever entirely “free” because you are giving up your contact information) like POF. If so, here […]


Cosmopolitan Article On Muscular Women

Earlier this year, Cosmopolitan magazine posted an article interview fitness, figure and physique competitors at a IFBB New York show.  They interviewed several women, and the quick answers at least will help you get a better understanding of how they think, thoughts on dating and more:


British Female Bodybuilders Talk About Their Transformations

Last year an article came out interviewing British female bodybuilders, figure competitors and fitness competitors.  They talk about their transformations and what they were like before they started weight training:   You may pick up some insight as to why these women started weight training and what they enjoy or dislike now that they […]


Esquire Columnist Talking About Going Out With A Female Bodybuilder

Here is an interesting story from an Esquire columnist about his time when he dated a female bodybuilder: The problem he faced the next morning, dealing with her kids, is always a concern and usually never discussed in dating guides.  This is a challenge which many men face when dating women later in life, […]

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