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Massive Female Bodybuilders Being Told That They Are Too Manly

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This video clip from Germany shows what many huge and massive single female bodybuilders have to deal with on a daily basis.  Since these women “carry their sport” with them, they automatically have issues with meeting and dating men, let alone forging wonderful and healthy relationships.

Listen to his wording about feeling “gay” if he slept with such a woman.  What healthy woman would ever want to hear this?!?  She may be sweet, funny, loving, charismatic, intelligent, caring and have a host of other traits — yet she automatically makes many men feel “gay” for even thinking about sleeping with her.  Imagine if YOU had to deal with that, day in and day out?!?

The lessons here are what NOT to do if you want to have great relationships with muscular and other athletic women:

  • Don’t just rush to judgement and assume anything about her
  • Don’t be rude or caustic.  Instead be a cool customer and remember that the other woman said it best that they are just normal girls but with a different look

Many guys have some REALLY bad preconceptions when it comes to women based on:

  • bad programming from mom, grandma, aunts, sisters
  • failed attempts at meeting women during their teenage years
  • a bad marriage which ended ugly
  • allowing terrible messages from TV and movies to influence their beliefs

Get these bad beliefs out of your head before you start meeting muscular women at your gym, at shows or on muscle dating websites.  Start getting your head, heart and actions correct so that you increase the odds of making any beautiful muscular woman feel terrific for being in your company.  You can get help by getting free downloads and other resources here:

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