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Teasing Which Many Female Bodybuilders Had To Deal With Early On

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This clip shows some of the teasing which many beautiful female bodybuilders have had to deal with when they were kids.  Sadly, this is more pervasive than you may realize.  Please be cognizant that this type of teasing may not have happened just from crushes in high school, but also by the family members and close friends of muscular women all over the globe.

While many of these gorgeous women have strong exteriors, and they may be put up a great front that the emotional impact from the teasing is a thing of the past, it is still VERY real to many women.  Always be respectful and, if you are a cool enough guy to get invited by the woman to learn more of her past (before she became a bodybuilder), then make sure that you GENUINELY care for her emotional state should the past memories still have negative impact in private.

Remember to care for her complete history, not just the bodybuilding part which you find physically attractive.  The past is a much larger part of her than you may realize, so be sure that you value her for those elements which she may not like from her history especially if the teasing from others prompted her to become a bodybuilder.

If nothing else, you would want her to appreciate YOUR past history if there are times where you suffered emotional impact in private.  So at least be cool enough to reciprocate!

If you are enough of a “big boy” and have your act together, especially in terms of genuinely caring about the “interior” of a muscular woman – and not just her exterior physique, then get started meeting these women by brightening their days.  If you don’t know where to start meeting them then you can set up free profiles on any of these muscle dating sites.

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