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While many guys have the fantasy of meeting and dating a muscular woman, like a competitive female bodybuilder, most can’t hang in there for the long term.  The rigors of the dieting, the attention she receives every day, and the fact that she may be stronger than he is tend to make many other guys run off.  It takes a special man to find and appreciate the inner beauty of a female bodybuilder while still being supportive enough in the long run to end up getting married.

The problem is that many guys who ultimately do marry a female bodybuilder have multiple challenges, especially if they get involved in the bodybuilding “scene” when it comes to competitions and other elements.  This set of videos from the UK show an interesting side of the game where one man wants his female bodybuilder wife to add more muscle for competition purposes.  They have a disconnect about what is meant by “success” as well as other challenges.

The trick in all of this, with the underlying assumption that attracting a female bodybuilder requires treating her properly like any woman, is to have a deeper level of communication and connection in order for both of you to be excited to be in each other’s company decades down the road.  Most dating and seduction guides never touch on the real deep issues about keeping a beautiful woman happy and satisfied, instead simply focusing on how to “get her”.

By focusing on what you ultimately would like to have happen, it changes what you do in the initial phases as well as in the mid-term.  Very few books help men understand these deeper issues.  One such course is what you find here:  Becoming the type of man to keep a beautiful woman satisfied for years

It likely will be different than anything you have read or listened to previously, but it is worth it.

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Updated: December 22, 2012 — 11:55 pm
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