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Want To Date A Female Bodybuilder? To Start, Don’t Be Like The Guy At 2:22

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If you love the look of muscular women and one day would love to date a female bodybuilder or figure competitor then take a look at this video, scrolling to the 2:22 mark if you are pressed for time:

Even in another language, you can tell who has the “balance of power” in the initial attraction department!  Whatever you do, try to not look like that guy at the 2:22 mark for a number of reasons:

  • The obvious is that his gut may be a barometer of poor health (although not necessarily).  If you were a good looking, muscular woman would your eyes automatically be attracted to any man with a large gut?  Probably not
  • The next is his fashion sense is just poor.  Again, there is no information about his economic status; and you don’t have to get into fashion in order to attract women.  Still, have some decent clothing style (even it is just the basics) if you want to attract good-looking women who command attention everywhere they go
  • You probably can add even more reasons why not to look like this guy if you want to increase your attraction levels around beautiful muscular women

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