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Not Getting Tongue Tied When Meeting Female Bodybuilders

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Getting “tongue-tied” is a feeling most guys dread.  The regret, second-guessing yourself, getting angry realizing what you should have said just 10 minutes after she left your presence, and knowing that you looked like a goof are just some of the negative emotions men have when getting tongue-tied around beautiful women.

It is even worse when you see and are meeting figure competitors, fitness models or female bodybuilders for the first time.  Your inability to attract such a woman, let alone go out on fun dates together, is frustrating to say the very least.

You are going to need to work on yourself in order to overcome these deep-seated emotions of “freezing” or “choking” if you were to meet such women out of the blue.  In the meantime, there are some places to help you overcome the tendency to freeze or choke and, therefore, let your natural strengths and any charm you have come out:

  • Go to bodybuilding shows and talk with the guys and girls at the vendor booths.  They may introduce you to other women as a natural part of the conversation
  • Go online to athletic and fitness dating sites.  In order to get the women to write to you wanting to find out more about you, with a playful attitude on top of it, discover how to write online dating profiles to meet and date muscular women
  • Go to parties with friends of yours who are personal trainers or involved in the bodybuilding industry.  A party setting, where people converse in a group setting some of the time, can help you overcome that initial tongue-tied freezing
  • Friends of friends at the gym.  If your gym has beautiful muscular women then you know that dating at the gym can lead to “gym drama”, often which has significant magnitude.  Instead, take the pressure off yourself and become friends with these women first.  They, in turn, may have equally gorgeous athletic friends who are single; and some of these women love to play “match maker”!

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