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Huge Female Bodybuilder From UK Cannot Find A Relationship

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Earlier this year, Rene Campbell talked with the Mail Online publication in the UK.  She is considered one of Britain’s most well-known massive and huge female bodybuilders; and she discussed how she was having difficulty finding a boyfriend who understands – and would continue to encourage – the regimented lifestyle of a bodybuilder:

In case you are not familiar with Rene, here is a YouTube video of her in a response to a critic of hers after the article was published:

There is much to be learned here.  First of all is what tends to be valued as a priority by the women who have made the commitment to the bodybuilding lifestyle:

  • regimented eating and training
  • needing support from others
  • transitioning away from other sports like long-distance running into the pursuit of muscle

Next, look at the negative reactions from some of those who left negative comments.  Imagine you have to deal with that every day of your life in the real world.  It would drive most men nuts; but she has to take it in stride and have some class to deal with the non-stop comments and whispers by others when out in public, let alone online.

The thing is that she is not alone.  Many of the more massive muscular women like female bodybuilders and powerlifters do not have the support of someone special in their lives.  If you want to know more about how to be the type of guy who can appeal to her in both the short-term and the long-term then get some reports at this link.

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