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Here is another thread about men and their thoughts about dating ultra-muscular women such as the massive and huge female bodybuilders:

Once again, a heavily-polarized degree of emotion comes out in the open.  The “what if they think I’m gay” comments, the insecurities, and the topic of schmoes comes out.  This is all nonsense.

Just like regular women, athletic and muscular women have all degrees of internal personalities.  Some are seeking money only, others are seeking love, and yet others are just looking for fun play times without serious commitment.  The thing is that each type of good-looking muscle girl has the exact same traits of regular women, even if they are on androgens.  This is because these women are still women!

Get your mind right about all women first, as most of the discussions about hot female bodybuilders focus on her being “hot” from an external perspective instead of an internal (traits and characteristics) perspective.  Here are some helpful places to start:

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