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More Female Bodybuilders On TV Talking About Not Being Able To Date

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Here is more from one of the TV talk shows which featured female bodybuilders talking about not being able to date guys due to their physiques:




Obviously you don’t want to be as wacky or “over the top” as these guys.  Nonetheless, the fact that this was the topic of a network TV show shows that the producers believed there was enough interest in the subject to generate some sort of television ratings.

Scroll through the video and the other parts (as this video clip is one of several parts) and pick out morsels upon which you can build your foundation to generate pleasure, security, excitement and respect in muscular women like these.

If you need some help overcoming insecurities or “perceived” physical shortcomings (like your height, body fat percentage, lack of significant muscle, etc.) then that is nothing to be ashamed of.  The fact that you want to improve, and are willing to take action, is one of the traits that many of these beautiful women crave in a man.  Start your transformation here:



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Updated: January 2, 2013 — 6:24 am
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