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A Legitmate Concern When Wanting To Date Female Bodybuilders

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One of the concerns you need to be made aware of when thinking about dating female bodybuilders is their close proximity to the dark side of the business.  Since the money is not very good for these muscular women, even when compared to their male bodybuilder counterparts, they have a high risk of easily getting into

  • pornography
  • doing “session work”
  • adult movies
  • more

By no means does this imply that every woman involved in bodybuilding, figure competitions and fitness modeling is into this dark side of the sport.  You must acknowledge, however, that there is significant risk for them to participate.  Here is why:

  • most do not want to work full time
  • some have legitimate financial obligations (family matters, health issues, etc.) which exceed their current ability to make a living
  • some have expensive tastes and do not have any other means to reach the same amount of revenues

Some outsiders imply that these women have either been abused at some point or have “Daddy issues”.  Here is such a forum thread:




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