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Review Of David Shade’s Masterful Lover Course

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In a survey of mailing list members, many of the respondents wanted reviews of dating/seduction e-books and how they apply to muscular women.  This review is of David Shade’s “Masterful Lover” program series.

Review Of David Shade’s Products

Should Any Man Have This Much Sexual Power With Women?

If you have read any of the seduction/dating “guru” ebooks, or watched any of their videos, then you know that many of the guys have their specialties.  Some guys are good at meeting women over the internet, others specialize in the bar/nightclub scene, and others talk about more in-depth subjects such as “Inner Game.”  It is the more advanced materials which are of greater importance because they help to:

  • Remove mental barriers (“hang ups”) which many men have when it comes to pleasing women
  • Inform you about what works when talking with women so that you make them feel terrific for having chosen to spend time with you instead some other guy
  • Make you aware of deep-level aspects about women, including giving them greater clarity on deep-seated emotions they experience but cannot describe

One of the best experts in the area of WHAT to do with a woman AFTER you made her feel great is David Shade.  He is not as widely recognized as the other “gurus” and that is fine.  To use a bodybuilding analogy, his information is the difference between a “pro” and “rank amateur.”  What is good about what he teaches is that he genuinely wants you to please your woman at a very deep level, not just helping you meet (or get) a particular woman.

This framework changes things dramatically from a “numbers game” mentality which many of the dating/seducation gurus unintentionally pass along to their students.  Shade genuinely helps you get so firm that you can teach women new things about themselves which give her great pleasure.  Yes, this includes a philosophy, as well as step-by-step instructions, which will help you give a strong, beautiful, and passionate woman much greater fulfillment in her life.  A muscular woman like a female bodybuilder would benefit tremendously from this information because she:

  • Oftentimes gets correspondence (or actually verbal requests!) to “manhandle” skinny, frail guys.  If you were a muscular woman would you want a man who asks for that?!?  Didn’t think so!
  • She has so many people “polarized” by her appearance.  She simply could be at the market buying some vegetables and, with no deliberate intent, get people to both ask her about her muscles as well as snicker and make “she looks like a man” comments behind her back.  And all she wanted to do was get some vegetables!
  • She is around men who are willing to “lay down” and yield to her every request.  This goes against a woman’s hard-coded subconscious instincts about what an attractive man should be
  • She is around guys who can’t handle the fact that she will gets lots of attention when out in public.  The guys either feel inferior and “shut down” emotionally; or they get jealous and angry.  Neither elicits a state of trust that such a man will protect her need for security

Shade’s materials help you in all aspects, especially the beliefs in your own head.  Yes, there are LOTS of new things you will learn when you read his materials.  Some are bedroom techniques, and others are things you can do when out in public.  The biggest thing you will learn is that you will change how you approach, view, date, and enjoy good-looking women after you absorb what Shade teaches.

Are there some drawbacks to his materials?  There are a few.  There are a few things which will pop up.  First, if you have/come from a heavy religious background then you may find some of the techniques to go up against your beliefs.  Note that he never makes even one religious-oriented claim; it is just that when friends have read his materials they sometimes felt as if they couldn’t view women this way because they “were raised (insert religion).”  It isn’t the case at all, but that is the first line of opposition; and David doesn’t go in depth about discussing this.  Maybe in a future version he will, but for now he does not have a comprehensive section about overcoming limiting beliefs.

The other thing he does about 80% (instead of 100%) is to help you, the reader/listener, actually believe that what he teaches is possible, especially when it comes to muscular woman.  Just know that all of the healthy techniques he teaches have worked on beautiful women of all levels of muscularity.  He does not address women like bodybuilders and figure competitors and focuses mostly on the concept of women across the board.  You may perceive this as a drawback, but remember two things:

  • his information has worked with actual female bodybuilders and figure competitors
  • he teaches information that works with all adult women, regardless of their physiques

The last drawback is that he teaches information for women who are “women.”  His information is not aimed toward men who want to attract college girls and women in their early-20’s.  While it will work for them, this is aimed for men who want to attract women who are intelligent, sophisticated, comfortable with themselves, and have been yearning for a real man.  Again, it will work for younger muscular women.  It is just that it works a lot better with women (of any age) who have some sophistication and class.  Their need for “dichotomy” (explained in his materials) is much more prevalent; and a man who can satisfy that need, while still protecting her security, will be well-rewarded.

Again, this information is the ADVANCED stuff!  All that is suggested when you get it is that you set aside 2-3 hours to read/listen.  You won’t want to stop learning, so learn what it takes to fulfill beautiful women and keep them feeling amazing for a long, long time.

In conclusion, this information works with beautiful muscular women.  The “10-to-1” and “Welcomed” methods are amazing, and great places to start if you have the opportunity to do so with a stunning woman.  If nothing else, however, be sure to incorporate any chapters which deal with identifying worthy women, how to “be the man” (fantastic information!), and “expanding her envelope.”  Chances are that you will send a testimonial to this site thanking us for the referral!

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