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Want To Date Muscular Women? Then Treat Them Like Women!

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It is weird when you see guys – who think that they are powerful, clever, and in shape – attend their first bodybuilding and figure show.  They see the muscular women they have fantasized about in private, and they act like fools.  Doing so equals automatic attraction killing in any beautiful woman who has high potential to be in command of her choice of men.

If you want to date muscular women like bodybuilders, figure competitors, female wrestlers and fitness models then you need to attract her like you would any other woman.  Even though muscular women who compete tend to be more focused, disciplined, and achievement-oriented than their non-athletic friends they still have biological tendencies to be attracted to the men who can see them for who they truly are; and the men who can do this consistently, while simultaneously bringing out feelings of excitement, respect, feeling safe, and challenging her playfully are the kinds of men who will be able to meet, date and have amazing relationships with these rare types of women.

And no more:

  • telling them that you will bow down to her like a goddess
  • paying for “posing sessions” in sleazy hotel rooms
  • wanting her to lift and carry you

Get rid of that crap and earn her respect by being a man.

Future blog posts will go into these topics in more depth.  In the meantime be sure to sign up for the various muscle dating sites if you think you are the type of man who truly can “add value” to the lives of these women.

If you are not ready yet, then no problem!  Take some time to get your situation straightened out, get your finances in order, get back in shape and study some of the better materials out there about making any woman you meet (athletic or not) find you to be more attractive.

Have fun reading this infographic “attraction guide” and consider getting more information when you are done.

clicking this image will open up a new window where you can get 3 free attraction training videos... which is nice...

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