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Many men have a deep fear that women will cheat on them no matter what.  Perhaps they have seen it happen to their best friends, it may have happened to a male relative, or even happened to themselves.  So many factors come into play such as anger, inadequacy, financial concerns and much more.  While preventing these from happening again often requires a “re-tooling” of a man’s mindset on issues (most of the time), doing so frequently is met with resistance.

A guy may say that he is “just fine” and that the cheating was based on “her side” because she was “ungrateful”, etc.  Though that may be true, something obviously didn’t mesh well enough for a woman to commit and then cheat.

The issue gets compounded when a man is dating a muscular woman, especially one who commands attention everywhere like a female bodybuilder.  Since she always will attract men, even those who won’t admit it publicly, then he needs to be on his game.

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