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Month: April 2013

Guy With Inferior Strength Compared To Female Bodybuilder

This video may send many guys into high levels of insecurity.  That is one of the reasons why they are “fans” of muscular women and rarely become boyfriends or husbands of them. (see more videos uploaded by her channel here: If you want to make a change this year and not continue to be […]


More Female Bodybuilders On TV Talking About Not Being Able To Date

Here is more from one of the TV talk shows which featured female bodybuilders talking about not being able to date guys due to their physiques:   Obviously you don’t want to be as wacky or “over the top” as these guys.  Nonetheless, the fact that this was the topic of a network […]


Decent Article About Dating Muscular Women

Here is a short article which attempts to debunk some of the myths about dating muscular women: It discusses whether a muscular woman will force you to eat her kind of food, whether or not she is going to have a relationship only with a fellow bodybuilder, and more.  In all, it at least […]

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