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Month: February 2013

What Most Men Fantasize

Here is a link to a short clip from a movie where a beautiful blonde female bodybuilder is posing in the bedroom as a relatively average guy is admiring her, almost in shock: Obviously, this is something which most guys fantasize in private.  The respect men have for anyone who trains hard and is […]


Documentary About Female Bodybuilder

Here is a link to an interesting documentary about a female bodybuilder: It gives insights on the challenges she faces, feedback from family and more.  Obviously this is not indicative of everything you will face when dating a female bodybuilder or other athletic/competitive woman; but it will give you a starting perspective on being […]


Well Known Female Bodybuilders Reveal Behind The Scenes Secrets

This video clip may open your eyes to some interesting, behind-the-scenes realities within the female bodybuilding world: There are discussions about relationships, a “live in slave”, a scary story about pregnancy and much more.  While this may not be the most flattering look at female bodybuilding, and it is definitely toward the fringes of the […]

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