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Month: January 2013

Forum Post About Dating A Female Bodybuilder

Here is another thread about men and their thoughts about dating ultra-muscular women such as the massive and huge female bodybuilders: Once again, a heavily-polarized degree of emotion comes out in the open.  The “what if they think I’m gay” comments, the insecurities, and the topic of schmoes comes out.  This is all nonsense. […]


Interesting Thread About Female Bodybuilders Dating Average Guys

Here is an interesting thread about a discussion if female bodybuilders are dating or are married to “average” guys: The problem with the men posting on that forum is that they are looking at the outward features instead of the internal characteristics as to why a muscular woman would date and go out with […]


Big Female Bodybuilder Talks About Dating Other Bodybuilders

Although many female bodybuilders prefer to date athletic men who aren’t necessarily into bodybuilding themselves, there are some female bodybuilders who only want to date those in the industry.  Since there are no universal rules as to a woman’s particular preferences, you should be exposed to all sides of the discussion: Should you feel […]

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